Into the Breech Workshop

Monday, November 12, 2012
4H Conference Center, Chevy Chase, MD

Into the Breech is an all day workshop for doctors and midwives to develop hands on skills in vaginal breech birth.

Taught by Betty-Anne Daviss RM (Canada/Germany), Jane Evans (UK), Dr. Andrew Bisits (Australia) and Dr. Anke Reitter (Germany), Into the Breech will explore the mechanics of vaginal breech birth in the upright position, including an overall approach to breech birth, the cardinal movements of the breech baby while descending, as well as manoevers to assist when required.

1. History and comparison of vaginal breech manoeuvres, including supine and hands-and-knees maternal positioning. (Betty-Anne Daviss)

2. Lecture: Cardinal Movements of the Breech (Jane Evans)

3. Videos & Lecture: The Frankfurt manoeuvres (Anke Reitter & Betty-Anne Daviss).

4. Hands-on practice in smaller groups.

5. Reconvene with group discussion of discoveries from breakout sessions.

Registration is limited to doctors and midwives Р  Please watch here for opportunities to audit.

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